Friday, 16 April 2010

15/52 Static Jodie

Jodie's first appearance in the 52, but not her last ;0)
Her hair gets full of static when she bounces on the trampoline!
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14/52 Pollen cafe

Am I blogging too many flowers? Tough - its finally SPRING!
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13/52 Waiting

I had some waiting to do ... to catch the waiting figure with no-one else in shot - busy shopping mall.
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12/52 Cleared to land

I was having a field day on these amazing crocus blooms near Ashbourne - I do love spring - but when I reviewed my images later I was thrilled to have captured a bee homing in on these pollen-rich beauties. Cool :0)
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11/52 Yellow

So now I'm thinking... I should have taken a photograph of the label so I could tell you what this beautiful spring-flowering plant is called. Memo to self...
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