Thursday, 20 May 2010

20/52 Daisy Chain

Jodie picked daisies on the way home from school, so I said pick them with the stems long and I'll make a daisy chain when we get home.
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Thursday, 13 May 2010

19/52 Make a wish!

My boy is now 12. Where'd the time go??
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18/52 Don't Pick the Bluebells!

Bluebells at Calke, they always remind me of a Giles cartoon, a cover on one of the annuals: the extended family have a day out to the country, arriving at a wood full of bluebells, and a sign that says don't pick them, and the back cover shows their bus heading off up the lane with a blue haze at all the windows, the wood bereft of bluebells! Classic.
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17/52 Tea Room & Garden, Lacock

Lacock is an idyllic village, National Trust owned, not a satellite dish or TV aerial in sight. Period dramas have been filmed here - Candleford for example. Beautiful.
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16/52 Magnolia Stellata

Caught this Magnolia bloom in Allestree Park. There used to be a pale pink magnolia in the front garden of the house opposite ours, but a few years ago they removed the whole garden and had the frontage completely covered with tarmac. I really miss their magnolia, it was in bloom when Kim was born, and reminded me of her every year after. So now our own drive has been landscaped - bucking the trend here, we have re-instated garden! - we'll be planinting a Magnolia Stellata, Stellata meaning star, and that's very appropriate as we said to Oliver at the time, Kim's gone to be a star (he was only 3).
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