Sunday, 18 July 2010

29/52 Celebratin'

We celebrated reaching a milestone in the renovation and decoration of our modest 1930s home this week, the bubbly flowed after the kitchen flooring was finally laid :0) The original red quarry tiles were beyond recall and have been sealed forever beneath a special damp-proof coating, followed by a screed, and finally the fabulous soft warm vinyl. Home straight now... pass that paintbrush!
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28/52 I like to ride my bicycle...

Jodie has learnt to ride her bike without stabilisers this week! Her balance is excellent and she's learnt how to set off on her own, now she needs to practice riding in a large circle - been doing straight lines to start with. This time last year it was Oliver learning and now Jodie's got the knack too :0)
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Saturday, 10 July 2010

27/52 The Lookout

Couldn't resist capturing this in the ladies washroom at a service station on the way back from Bath last week. And no I didn't have permission to shoot! :0r
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26/52 Dappled light falling

Dappled light falling on large leaves in a Derbyshire garden. It was a hot day - we're having a summer folks!
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25/52 Jodie (Octabox trial)

This is my angel Jodie, lit by my latest aquisition on the lighting front, a huge octabox. We had a play to see what it could do :0)
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