Saturday, 2 October 2010

39/52 Workshop with a difference

This week I attended a different kind of photography workshop. Apart from photographers, there were midwives, bereaved parents, medical illustrators, and NICU/SCBU nurses. The workshop was delivered by Todd Hochberg who had travelled from the US to share his way of working with us. We learnt about how to take photographs for parents who lose a baby and therefore lose the lifetime of memories that won't be captured by family snaps.

Todd tried to explain depth of field to non-photographers (hence hand being held out to demonstrate - focus on your hand, then switch to what is beyond your hand - pretty good device I thought) and how to use even a basic camera to lock focus on a detail such as a baby's hand or feet, then recompose the image. Using role play, we took turns to pose as parents/caregivers and so were able to photograph likely scenarios. See Todd's work here, and click to view slideshow, but be advised, the images there are real and powerful, but can be so beneficial for the parents in the months and years following their loss. And that's why I feel a need to help provide such images, having been there myself. (See 96/365.)
Note: If you wish to help fund this work in my area, click here to contact Derby Sands.
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